Your Guide to watching Internet TV on PC

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Online TV Explained, viewers ditching TV for the internet TV experience

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Online TV, Internet TV IPTV, Catch up TV, movie streams, TV Episodes and many other names are all used to explain the process of watching TV on your PC and over the internet. So whats it all mean and how do you get it?.

Well the first thing you will need to watch TV over the internet is a broadband connection, dialup just doesnt cut it so get a fast connection. The faster the better.

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Free Media Players, different websites use different media players

To watch some Internet TV channels you will need several free media players that are available for download from the internet. Windows Media Player and Apples Quicktime are two of the most common. However, different websites use different media players, so you may need to download them all to take advantage of all the content thats available online. Download the latest media players by clicking the links on the Left of this page.

To watch the free tv streams and to resolve any viewing problems you will need the latest media players. Although you may have some of these already installed on your PC its a good idea to download the latest versions.

Enjoy the world of internet TV and dont forget we will always have the latest in online TV developments here on


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